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The cat started crawling out of the bag when Birdman showed up Sunday for Toni's Grammy Park performance in Brooklyn. It's unclear if he and Toni had a "run-in" later, but we're told they've been close for years ... Our sources say they're trying to keep it on the DL, and up until now they have.

However whatever way Pilar wants to go about finding a man, love, or sugar daddy is her business.

She is a lovely looking woman, so she won’t receive much push back from guys even after the whole post Deion Sanders drama.

You know it wouldn’t last long before Pilar was in the hands of some wealthy business man, but I never suspected this.

You can’t start from the top then go to the bottom, however according to Sandra Rose that is exactly what she rumored to be doing.

She will probably deny every bit of this post — as she should if she wants to keep that money pipeline open and flowing. Under normal circumstances I would presume this to be true, however considering the outrages events which has occurred since Deion and Pilar publicly announced their separation you have to look at the claims at face value.

I can’t tell you her sponsor’s name, but keep an eye on Pilar’s Twitter timeline; peep where she goes and who she associates with. Trips are nice to take, but I suspect Pilar to be more concern with having all the financial assets needed to fight her case in court against Deion. Pilar after allegations surfaced that Deion solicited the help of TD Jakes and Fred Hammond to hide money? If she has been dating this mysterious man for a year, I would assume someone would have leaked this information already, but then again timing is everything. I am a supporter of females having their own ducks in a row that way you won’t have to depend on a man, although gifts are always nice.

The reason this post is a Not So Blind Item is because I can’t publicly name Pilar’s sugar daddy.

I am told that he is a very low key, very wealthy individual who prefers to keep his love life under wraps.

I’m told that Pilar’s sugar daddy isn’t picking up her legal tab but he is paying for everything else, including a recent trip to Miami on a private jet.

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