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Instead, think of other ways you can show your affection without spending a bundle.

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I’ve met teachers, security guards, ministers and drug dealers.

In my dating life I’ve met a plethora of men who are all totally different. Some were thicker and round while others were slim and athletic.

You can create a lovely and romantic dinner together, even if neither of you are master chefs.

Choose something simple like spaghetti and salad, if you’re feeling a little inadequate when thinking of standing over the stove.

Rather they would prefer to engage in artistic pursuits during their leisure hours.

Thus this is the right time if you are thinking of taking up a creative hobby like gardening or pottery; maybe you have always wanted to pick up a sensual dance form like salsa or dig into the finer points of Mediterranean cuisine but never had the time.

He was a little rough around the edges, fine as hell, brown skinned and did I say smart? While he was fun and liked to laugh, the wisdom he carried was beyond attractive to me. He was honestly one of the smartest men I’d ever met.

Sapiosexuals are people who are turned on by intelligence.

Take the pressure off and plan a Valentine’s date for him!

By Whitney Acke of Chic If you’re like half of the country, you’re probably watching every penny you have due to the unstable economy.

Chic has evolved into the premier avenue of engaging young women and providing guidance for life!

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