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Celebrity is as Celebrity does – and Elvis has had more people claim to be his love child than the number of people who claimed to be the biological parent of the children associated with Micheal Jackson and Anna Nicole … A lot of people would like there to have been more – partly for their own cashing in interests.

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"It's all about engaging."When shooting ended, she accepted a tour doing her cabaret show To people who have speculated that she has had work on her face, she replied, "There is no work."She attributed her look to "Caribbean genes."Rose, who turned 75 on Thursday, enjoyed Moreno singing "Happy Birthday" as her "One Day at a Time" character.

When he sang along, she said, "You're too cooperative." She then hugged him."CBS This Morning" marks its fifth anniversary Monday.

At his dad's Bel Air estate, on 5/16/1990, he shot and killed Dag Drollet of Tahiti, his sister's lover.

They were having an argument over whether Drollet was beating his pregnant sister, Tarita Cheyenne Brando, age 20.

During his life surprisingly, Elvis was only sued one time in a paternity case and he was cleared in the Peter Parker Tabloid Frenzy. So it came as some surprise when 2 books were published by women who both claimed to have been secret life long passionate romances by Elvis.

As if the most documented person who existed could possibly have pulled that off.

Once, the French stormed a prison where they were hiding a good Leonardo Di Caprio in an iron mask and traded him for the evil Di Caprio.

Audubon Park has celebrated this event for the past 10 years with a variety of events including a wine and cheese tasting, baguette fencing and live music. Rose asked."With misery and ladies," she said, adding they were lovers for eight years.

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“I remember how he spoke to me, how he played the drums, how he made love . Moreno eventually settled down into a 45-year marriage with Leonard Gordon, who died in eight years ago.

But they are happy to sell you their book or other products.

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