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and a well-known feud with Eminem, it may have been surprising to see the Boston native crying on national television at first, but being more in touch with his feelings is a main component of what Benzino considers his "natural evolution."Besides being the voice of reason to Stevie J and middle man in the Joseline and Mimi love triangle, Benzino's relationship with recording artist Karlie Redd has taken center stage throughout the season. The one time when they were shooting Karlie meeting Stevie, I was outside. Not being self-centered and being aware of what I say and what I do as a public figure, as a celebrity, and how it affects other people. I’m at the point now that if somebody is using me it’s because I’m letting them. I really feel like a man should go all out for the woman that they fall in love with or the woman they have a real strong connection with.Before the finale of rolls around tonight, Benzino spoke with Complex about his relationship with Karlie, how he's become a changed man, and gave some insight on all of the drama behind Stevie J's relationships.? We had been working on some music and when I got to Atlanta, we formed a band together and it was pretty much the relationship that you see on there with me and Stevie. So when Karlie came outside, that was the first time we met. Then Mona [Scott-Young] was like, "If you’re going to be dating any cast members, I have to get it on camera." We had developed a good connection off-camera. With that said, if somebody takes advantage, then you have to re-think things.

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During the feud, artists exchanged several songs on their albums dedicated to insulting one another.

Some of the songs became big hits, so at least something positive came out of it. Throughout his career he had many other lawsuits, including the one with The Source. He dated a lot of beautiful women and during filming of the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, he dated Karlie Redd.

Being close to the co-owner of The Source, his career was often pushed back because everybody thought he promoted his music by himself.

The Source was a hip-hop magazine that promoted hip-hop and rap artists and gave critical opinions about the newly released songs.

One of the most famous feuds was the one with Eminem.

He often bashed Eminem in his songs and disliked the idea of white MCs.

He is best known for his rap career and his estimated net worth is around 10$ million. Growing up in Boston he had a dream of becoming a rapper and even during school years he practiced his lines and joined several groups.

Raymond Scott was born on October 24, 1964 in Boston, Massachusetts, U. Starting a rap career back in 1964 was not easy, but Benzino made up his mind that he will make it.

The couple attracted a lot of attention but the relationship didn’t last for long.

They remained friends and in contact even after the show.

Even though he exists as a musician for a long time, his often feuds with other colleagues, are something that brought him fame and this impressive net worth.

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