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"I'm a little excited to see what's gonna happen.""And how it's suppose to affect Equestria," Ember said.

"I'm guessing that includes the Dragon part.""It very well might," Twilight said.

"But it was wrong and I never should have taken the Cutie Marks off of anypony.""How did you even find that rock? Starlight was about to say something, but began to sweat nervously. "You saved Equestria from Chrysalis after all, you even helped us with Stygian.""How is Stygian anyway? " Sunburst asked."They seem to be doing well, adjusting to all the changes of Equestria," Twilight said."I'd really like Flash Magnus to join us in The Wonderbolts," Rainbow Dash said.

I understand speed's fun but it doesn't mean anything if you're not accurate! "Then again I can be fast and accurate, you're just fast and unorganized.""Don't act like you're better than me! " Rainbow Dash asked."How else is she gonna get her life in check? "She's not so bad, I think she's gotten somewhat better over the last few months, at least she's not using a Tornado to clear the clouds away.""She still just flies off to do her own way though," Rainbow Dash said.

"It can slow us down, thankfully Night Glider was here to for an extra pair of wings.""Where is she actually? " Double Diamond asked."Yeah, she just wanted to make sure everything was tidy enough, then she said she was gonna go speak check with Party Favor," Rainbow Dash explained."Hope he's doing well working with Pinkie Pie, is Sugar Belle nicely settled as well?

"I mean suppose something doesn't go right, it might make you look bad, and I don't want you to go through that.""I appreciate your concern Spike, but like I said, I'm very much confident that this surprise will be outstanding, maybe a little overwhelming for some and I know there's gonna be a lot of doubt but I'm very much sure everything will work out fine," Twilight reassured."And we'll be there to help if you need us," Starlight added."Aw, thanks Starlight," Twilight said."I'm sure this Festival will be something good," Sunburst reassured.

"This is Twilight after all, she's always got great ideas."Twilight blushed at the compliment, "Well I wouldn't say always, maybe most of the time at least.""I'm sure it will be worth seeing," Thorax said.

"I mean I do want to support you Twilight but I'm worried that something's going to go wrong."Twilight furrowed her brow, "Well you need to practice having more faith in me then.

I'm very confident that tomorrow's going to be a one of my greatest Highlights as The Princess of Friendship.""Twilight, I'm sure Spike means well, he's just looking out for you," Tender Taps said."Yeah I'm just worried for you Twilight," Spike said.That's incredible magic," Tender Taps said."It was beyond even my understanding," Twilight said. "Um, I mean, I know it's not an easy memory, but at least a positive can be taken from it?"Starlight, if you don't mind me asking, how exactly did you find the magic for such a spell? ""Look, I really don't like talking about it, I just found a magical rock that helped amplify my powers," Starlight said. " Double Diamond asked."Yeah, let's go with that," Starlight said, not wanting to drag a certain friend into this."At least you're using your powers to help others now," Tender Taps said."And she's been a great help too," Twilight said."Maybe they'll surprise us.""That would be fun," Starlight said.A moment later, Night Glider flew in, "Hey Rainbow Dash, we're all finished.""Awesome, is there anything else you need from us Twilight?Starlight cringed slightly, which didn't go unnoticed by Twilight. ""Some old rock, it's no big deal," Starlight said."It is a big deal, it could be huge!

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