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The father of the current owners left the property to his sons in trust with a restriction that the property could not be sold.

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The reading lists were started as part of a librarian collaborative project, All Together Now, begun by Dale Copps.

Truitt Homestead is a maintenance-free community so you can focus on enjoying life!

You're surrounded by love, and as much as you want to be happy for the couple, it just underscores how single you are.

At least, that's the common thought, but in Jonathan Scott's case, the effect was exactly the opposite.

Since they've parted ways, the pair has supported one another.

Though they're not romantically involved, they still work together, as Jacinta is a development producer at Jonathan and Drew's company, Scott Brothers Entertainment.

"An abundance of love for J has been a beautiful and rewarding time of my life.

However, life is funny and sometimes chapters change and this one has.

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Going to a wedding right after a breakup can feel like you're pouring salt on a wound — then dousing it in acid.

star stood by his twin as his brother, Drew Scott, tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Linda Phan.

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