Dream marriage dating

With the job I do, I can move around and work from anywhere in the world, as long as I have internet, so I moved to Ukraine.I dug deep into this, searching out local ads and agencies.

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DM, Charm, Anastasia are just a few names shown on the ads.

The real funny part is there are a lot of men working as translators LOL!

I know there is a class action law suit being put together right now for many of these sites.

Too many men have gotten taken from these pay sites and many are fighting back.

Hell, I even dated a lady, who is a translator of one of the local agencies in Kyiv. Anthony, any site that charges you a fee to contact a woman is a complete scam site.

You are speaking with the translator at the local agencies.

The translators are given clients (the profiles), that they manage, write letters too, chat and bluntly lie to the man to keep milking him for money.

The video chats are organized by the local agencies. I lived in Ukraine for 6 months, plus many many trips digging into the scam run by the local agencies and the host site.

I am a member of Dream Marriage and just started talking to a very nice lady. I won't run away calling it a scam, but my time I am not working is precious and few and I don't want to waste it. It's no different than meeting a woman in a bar.

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