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Invite-only parties take place in the luxury private apartments that line the Palm Islands and most get around the ban on gay mobile apps by downloading a VPN (virtual private network).Like the UK, where the rise of chemsex has been well documented, Dubai is also gripped by an underground drug culture. And like paracetamol, codeine and heroin, it is totally illegal.

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Sometimes the owners and other straight customers are not even aware – groups of men hanging out together is a common sight in Arab countries where the gender divide is more culturally enforced.

It also goes without saying there is no kissing in public and certainly no poppers.

And at one point he put it up his nose and burnt the inside of his nostrils – he was so keen to have it.

There’s such a weird demand for it and I think it drives people’s behaviour.” Poppers – or alkyl nitrites in liquid form – have been around for decades, originally sold as a treatment for angina in little capsules that were snapped open – or popped – which is how it got its name.

The gay scene adopted it in the 1970s as a fun party drug that offers a quick high.

However, in Dubai the perception of poppers has shifted.

Importantly, he later notes that when under the influence “anal penetration becomes easier, probably from a combination of muscular relaxation and decreased pain perception.” Crucially it is this that makes poppers the most sought after drug by gay men in Dubai; more than coke or ecstasy.

Or as Geoff puts it: “It serves a purpose in the bedroom.” Of course, the use of poppers during sex isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

“That isn’t really how they are used in Dubai because the gay scene repurposes venues to be a gay venue for a night.

Poppers are purely used for a sexual angle.” This “sexual angle” was famously explained by American psychiatrist Thomas P Lowry in his 1982 essay “The inhalable nitrites may be the nearest thing to a true aphrodisiac,” Lowry wrote.

You can both see each other and interact via live video and the built-in text chat.

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