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Batayneh, Malek, Marie, Iqbal, Asi, Ibrahim, Use of selected waste materials in concrete mixes.

Characteristics of mortar and concrete containing fine aggregate manufactured from recycled waste polyethylene terephthalate bottles.

The results indicated that utilization of waste PET granules in production of SCC could be an effective way for recycling purpose.

durability design and performance of self consolidating lightweight concrete-86

Durability design and performance of self consolidating lightweight concrete Porn live chat sex xxx funn

This study evaluates the effect of waste polyethylene terephthalate (PET) granules on the fresh, mechanical and absorption characteristics of self-consolidating concretes (SCCs).

Fine aggregates were replaced with different percentages (from 0% to 8%) of PET granules obtained by crushing waste PET bottles.

Ochi, T., Okubo, S., Fukui, K., Development of recycled PET fiber and its application as concrete-reinforcing fiber.

Byung-Wan, Jo, Ghi-Ho, Tae, Chang-Hyun, Kim, Uniaxial creep behavior and prediction of recycled-PET polymer concrete.

A., Unsaturated polyester resins from poly ethylene terephthalate waste for polymer concrete.

Byung-Wan, Jo, Seung-Kook, Park, Jong-Chil, Park, Mechanical properties of polymer concrete made with recycled PET and recycled concrete aggregates.

J., Song, Y., Material and structural performance evaluation of recycled PET fiber reinforced concrete.

NAPCOR, National Association of PET Container Resources.

Influence of content and particle size of waste pet bottles on concrete behavior at different w/c ratios.

Albano C, Camacho N, Hernandez M, Matheus A, Gutiérrez A.

Xie, Y., Liu, B., Yin, J., Zhou, S., Optimum mix parameters of high-strength self-compacting concrete with ultra-pulverized fly ash.

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