E harmonmy dating Female wanting skype sex

Dear Susan, I'm very sorry to hear that you have had any concerns over a lack of communication.If you'd reach out to us at [email protected] the email on your eharmony account, I'd be happy to see if there's anything we can do to improve chances of communciation and your matches.

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I must have sent friendly messages to at least 50 guys in the two months I used the service. " None of the other guys I wrote simple "Good morning. And those of us desperate enough to try to find love on a site like this are just the prey they are looking for, stupid enough to give them all kinds of personal information about us, and then dumb enough to pay them to take it, and most likely sell it for profit somehow. I asked him, "Is it strange for one to wonder why you are still on here if you "found" someone? I entirely expect to find that my personal information given to this site will be used to try to obtain credit under my name. I used the service initially and was able to cancel within three days and get my money back.

I think two replied back, with the exact same wording. Let's see, they know where I live, everything about my personality, my surroundings, my place of work, what bank I use... Was that one of the hundreds of questions they asked? I decided to try again, and thought maybe I should leave it there longer; this decision was a HUGE mistake.

But I spent the days required to fill out all the questions they ask to find your perfect match. So either your messages go to a computer that occasionally spits out Yes, I have, Keep trying. Or no guys that use the site want to find a friend, relationship, or partner so they don't respond to messages. Most of the people look like they could be Freddy Krugger's brother.

The daily matches they sent were hundreds of miles away, and none of them listed a marital status, which makes me suspicious. I think this is just a hoax site, like someone else said to ferret out personal information from the masses. Smarty Computer pants, who said that he had found someone and I would too, and good luck. After reading all the other reviews on this site, I'm convinced that this is a total scam site used to con innocent desperate lonely people into giving away information that is probably used to sell to people who make false identities. I did not get many matches, maybe two in three weeks that were within the parameters I set.

I even changed the setting to very important and still received one match from another state.

I sent an email within the cancellation period requesting they cancel my account, well they never responded so I sent a follow up email, never responded.

All I have to say it run, run very fast and don't join this site.

I will be telling everyone I know how horrible it is.

I understand that I agreed to those, but good business is doing the right thing. Nordstrom will let you return shoes that you have run in, even if they are dirty, simply if you find them to be a bad product.

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