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On the example map (to the right) this area is labeled "Outer Cave"; near the back of that area is a narrow passageway that opens up to the main city region.On the example map shown here, the main region, or hub, of the city is labeled "Inner Caves".

In recent years all standard housing in older player inhabitable zones had an update that added an additional room or balcony.

The info below is not quite accurate for this reason, but will be updated at a later date.

Wastes ~ Wakening Land ~ Warrens ~ Warsliks Wood ] This archive was created to combat the (sad) loss of original Ever Quest websites and their magical map secrets.

New POIs: » Exit Crypt of Dalnir: B...» Trooper Sotek Obulus Frontier» to Obolus Fron...

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The islands are contained within one zone and you can travel freely between them via griffon or even by simply swimming between islands.

Each island is has a specific level range making the early levels for those who start here fairly pain free and organized.

The label shown here (black rectangle, white text) will appear on the in-game map when you mouse over the yellow dot nearest the dock; the Upper Tenements shown here will work the same way, but shows one of the first player houses on the topmost level that you can mouse over on your map when you want to reach the main hub.

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