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In a Twin Flame relationship ghosting happens a lot, but between twins it does NOT have the same meaning as it does in 3D relationships.

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It might feel like it’s over now, but actually your adventure has only just begun.

It’s what you do now that will decide if you keep looping back into pain or brave the hot coals of separation to the other side – where Twin Flame union is your manifested reality.

Chances are if you ask your twin, why they keep disappearing on you like they do – they won’t know why and that is not a cop out.

They most likely don’t understand themselves why they keep running out on you, when you are THE BEST thing that ever happened to them.

Your twin knows how frustrating it is to love someone so much and not be able to connect with them fully in the way you want, because your Twin Flame feels that exact same frustration.

But even when your twin let’s manipulative and controlling behavior on your side slide, you will KEEP GOING IN CIRCLES until you snap out of the 3D way of doing love & romance.That’s also why twins don’t have loads of sex, because the sexual energy will bring up their inner sh*t too fast and cause meltdowns between the couple.What you need to understand when your twin starts ghosting you, is that the Universe or better your souls, are giving you both a little breather so you can clear up your own inner gunk and sludge and reconnect at a much deeper level.If you stay stuck in the behaviors I describe below, you will STAY STUCK where you are now.The reason I went to so much trouble to really describe them to you, is because these are often subconscious patterns you are not consciously aware of acting out.Let’s dive into some of the behaviors that you need to check at the door if you want to create Twin Flame union as a physical reality.

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