Exchange 2016 offline address book not updating cached mode

It is the OABGen service that identifies the recipients that should be member of offline address book.

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In this stage Outlook is stuck somewhere between mode 0 and 1 and updates are not received by client.

Offline address book is used by Office Outlook so that users can locate contact information even when they are not connected to the server.

To view the default offline address book, type the cmdlet Get-Offline Address Book in EMS as shown below.

As you can see above, the name of OAB is Default Offline Address Book and it has the Default Global Address List.

Here, I will show steps to configure offline address book in Exchange 2013.

In Exchange 2013, offline address book is generated by OABGen (Offline Address Book Generation) service that runs on Mailbox server.

By default OAB is a point in time snapshot of global address list and it is used as cached source of information about Exchange recipients properties.

OAB is stored on Exchange servers (see my previous article and downloaded to client once Outlook is configured in Cached mode.

To find out type, Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | where in EMS. So we need to find out which mail server hosts this mailbox.

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