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This lead to the decay getting progressively worse over the years.

I hated to smile in public and no matter what I did my breath was pretty terrible. About 3 years ago I inherited enough money to see a dentist and get my problem taken care of.

Just as the name implies, it is nothing more than a fast fix to create a ‘temporary’ tooth for a short period of time.

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I've never been well off financially nor have I had dental insurance, so I was unable to see a dentist to get it fixed.

I had a pretty serious meth habit for about 2 years, but I've been clean for 15 years. It started massive decay throughout my whole mouth.

In the world of dental implants, there are two main categories.

They are called endosseous and subperiosteal depending on placement.

So, if you can be a good lover, you'll find someone.

Be happy about your new teeth, own them, own your past.

I say I wasn't an addict because when I decided to quit, there were no withdrawals, no urge to use, no 12 step program, no rehab, I just stopped. I'm not trying to make light of it as it is a horrible, horrible drug that destroys lives, but I've seen people go through a whole lot worse when trying to quit, and I've seen people who are simply unable to quit. It's interesting to know that a meth habit that ended 15 years ago is more of an issue than my dentures. We don't know you, we don't know the wonderful person you are.

Look, everyone that wants to find someone and shows they are willing to be a good partner finds someone.

He posted a short You Tube video where he took the clay, shaped it into teeth, baked it until it hardened and then glued the teeth into place.

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