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It was a historically bad time to be looking for a job, especially in an industry where I had no experience.

At one point, I couldn't pay my cellphone bill.

I was 33 year old, hadn't worked in a year and half and was ostensibly changing careers/industries yet had no experience in the new industry.

Very crude (right down to the deliberately ugly character designs), very cynical and very, very surreal — sort of like if Luis Buuel had made here!

Cornfed: Given that police organizations are woefully overburdened and that every minute counts in the first 24 hours of a victim's disappearance, I suggest we undertake our own demanding and difficult investigation, beginning with interviews of anyone who's spoken to or seen your father during the past two years combined with a systematic survey of all emergency care facilities within a 50-mile radius and a door-to-door canvassing of the city.

“In our practice, patients often comment that they view treating their hair loss as an investment, both personally and professionally,” said Dr. In that time he has treated a number of patients, many of whom have undergone treatment to look more youthful and even more “marketable” to employers and help build confidence when stepping back into dating and other social scenes.

“This survey shows that men and women really place a high value on having more hair.

In 2008, the market came unhinged, the economy experienced the worst recession since the Great Depression and I sold my stock at the bottom, taking huge loses. I'd made very little progress on my idea, and eventually partnered with a friend to raise money for a Facebook apps company. What little personal savings I had left was drying up as we started talking to investors. My friend had a job, I was pretty much out of money.

I didn't have a job and was hoping to raise money to pay the bills and build a company. By some miracle, unemployment benefits got extended, and I was eligible from having been laid off a year and half earlier. I was now completely broke except for my biweekly unemployment checks which barely covered rent and food.

Duckman is the cheapest, sleaziest, most incompetent private investigator in the world; he's also a lousy father, a small-time crook, and... He and his family are all walking, talking, tax-paying -type animal world.

While Duckman himself walks around naked in the tradition of Daffy Duck, everyone else wears clothes.

To get Elara Dorne as your companion, you have to side with the Republic in the story.

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