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Anytime I check in, there are thousands of Filipinas online ready to chat.I have used Filipino Cupid for years to meet local women in Subic Bay.You can meet girls of all ages, from the “inexperienced” farm fresh girl to the more settled down woman in her 40s. However, freelancers available in exchange for cash.

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What I like the most about this dating website is the friendly interface and how simple it is to chat with multiple girls at the same time. As said earlier, Subic Bay is a small city of only 250K people, so the nightclubs are patronized by the same group of friends every weekend.

There is an option to search for only ladyboys, very useful in separating ladyboys from the girls reducing confusion. It’s hard to mingle with them, let alone to pick up their girls.

Barrio Barretto’s atmosphere is laid back with bar girls not pushy for drinks and genuinely interested in having a good time.

Barrio Barretto’s girls outnumber the tourists substantially; I would say 1 to 8. This destination has been underrated in recent years because after the US Navy personnel left, half the bars had to close.

I hear horror stories all the time from travelers dealing with fake profiles on other dating sites. – Pina Love – This website has been around for a long time. Don’t worry about your age: it will not matter in the Philippines. In recent years, Subic Bay nightlife improved a lot with the opening of two new nightclubs that cater to locals and foreigners.

I used Pina Love for a year now, and I have successfully dated five girls (my relationships don’t last long because I love to keep changing). In the old days, the only entertainment for travelers were lady bars in and KTVs suitable mostly for Asian men.

I love to date Filipino girls; they are feminine, love caring and make my holiday more adventurous.

I meet Filipinas online, usually 1-2 months prior to my journey, so we can know each other better while building an intimate relationship.

Subic Bay’s atmosphere is laid back, with less pushy and easy going bar girls, translating to extra FUN.

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