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Thank you for such a wonderful tool and the continuous updates.

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Your main team should always have: Ramza, Orlandu, Agrias, Beowulf, and Mustadio. He can kickass with his monk abilities, even better than Ramza.

For Ramza, make him master the monk class, then turn him into a lancer and master that class, too. Make Orlandu learn all of these skills and then turn him back into a holy swordsman. For Agrias, fo the same thing you did for Orlandu, except that her monk skills aren't as strong as everybody else.

For Beowulf, make him learn all of his temple knight skills and then turn him into a samurai.

Learn all of the skills, and then turn him back to the temple knight.

Maybe something along the lines of Kingdoms of Amalur’s “Add 5K XP” cheat.

I know that this may be a difficult request but I would really appreciate it. I just would like to start off by saying that I love the tool for WOFF! I don’t want to play through the whole game with an instant lvl 99 if I don’t have to, however I’m not truly complaining as it is only a little feed back. Kudos to all Devs working on all the tools throughout INFINITY!An update to the trainer, or an explanation as to what I did wrong, would be greatly appreciated.Disclaimer: I’ve only used the cheats for this game twice.Use Mustadio's "Snipe" ability on the monsters to paralyze them.Pick each one off in turn with Ramza and the Ninja going up close with Two Swords, while Agrias and Orlandu get them with Lightning Stab (or the best skill you have).For this you'll need either a mediator or an oracle. In order to turn them on follow this procedure: 1.destroy all but one enemy and keep him n stop or sleep. First, use the sword duping trick to make a number of "Excalibur" and "Save the Queen".

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