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As I consider that past by these tracks, light reflecting off a steel cylinder catches my eye. Nothing like this could be found outdoors in Asheboro 10 years ago.

None seemed interested in the fact that I was a loyal Toyota customer.

When I saw an ad online for Midstate I decided to give them a try. Leaving the lot with the vehicle you want for a price both parties are happy with. She'll fight for you (she did for me), work with you, make invaluable suggestions, even if it DOESN' T benefit her dealership. If you are like me and you want to negotiate your deal over the internet first, then PICK MIDSTATE!! Scientifically speaking, my sample population was half the Toyota dealerships in NC (which is a lot).

This was my first time buying a new car and Jody powers was an excellent salesman!

He made sure to meet every request I or my boyfriend had !

I ended up leaving with a brand new 2017 Avalon and confidence that I made the right decision.

Shauna East was great to work with and super helpful. She doesn't insult your intelligence like other car dealerships.

) but not many were willing or able to work with me. Shauna was responsive, listened (a lot of dealerships have this problem, where they tell you what is on the lot instead of listening to what you want), and when I was having some trouble getting the funds needed, she went to bat for me with her GM (a really nice guy) and it was her effort that made this deal happen. So maybe you're thinking, ok well that must be nice for you but I live far away from there. For one of the biggest investments, you will make in your life, make sure you work with someone who has your back instead of your wallet. Imagine buying a vehicle with no hassle, good discussion and working together to get the job done. My dream team was Shauna East and Dwayne Tilley in Sales, and Rufus Yates in Finance.

Choose Midstate, they are a dealership that really does care about your experience. Shauna was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions, then got the ball rolling with Dwayne and I was finished up in just a couple of hours.

I tried big dealerships but the weight of their overhead made them unwilling to deal.

I tried small dealerships like Rocky Mount Toyota (THEY ARE TERRIBLE, RUDE, and everything you typically associate with bad sales people!!!! I live in Clayton, NC and I drove to Asheboro, NC just to complete a deal with Shauna because she listened, made what I needed to have happen - happen and even waited an extra hour after closing when her drive time was going to be an additional hour. She was there pre-sale, during the sale, and the largest differentiating factor: POST sale. How many dealerships have you gone to that will offer that kind of value add AFTER the sale?

That's when I met Shauna and began the most positive, straight forward and honest customer service experience of my life. My experience with Mid State Toyota and in particular Shauna East was excellent. I can assure you that Shauna East is more than a sales person. I emailed all of my sample, called many of them, and visited multiple dealerships in my quest for the best deal I could find, out the door on a Toyota Tacoma.

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