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The faq never says that after a particular story progress must be finished 1st before getting the skill quest. (of Max), the faq says that it can be gotten after a particular story progress but I gotten it earlier (just after Max can be invited into the party I go to port Tinnisia and the event occurred).

My question is when could I get an access into this skill quest?

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They also assume that players are not banking any products that they obtain from hunting.

Hunter is a gathering skill which involves using equipment such as box traps and bird snares to catch creatures and obtain products such as animals' fur, feathers and bones.

I go to the front of Auction Hall but nothing happens.

I thought of another method - I went inside the Auction Hall (hoping maybe the event is inside) and again nothing happens. For the last, I enter Jini during morning and go in front as well as inside the Auction hall but its still the same.minor spoilers:-------You may need ALL of his other skills first Aqua Spiral (Gnome Statue at Tinsea ) requires to enter Shadow's Cave before the Pink Maicis will show up next to that statue but you don't need to kill off Shadow to learn it.

I figured it out that you cannot get, for instance, his/her 3rd skill without obtaining first the 2nd skill. It happened that I went first at Luishka to get his Dark Laser there but the Pink Miacis is not showing up (and that time I don't have yet his Rage Laser). Well for starters if you already have the canceller his wife won't appear at ANY of the 4 locations.

I thought at first that I didn't scout for the right location (the debri, as the faq says), but the truth is I have to obtain his Rage Laser first - Pink Miacis at Cape Fortress (I didn't know yet that it is because of prerequisite matter). But once I had Aqua Spiral Rage and Dark Laser I did get Elemental Master as soon as I got the Aibird upgrade. The error that I've had only seen for playing the disc is the moment/scene right after I get and delivered the Rivarous Ore (the scene where you see the 6 Craymels having talk).

The faq says: (1) Max must be in your party, (2) Aibird for night Jini, (3) Must have the Canceller (doesn't mention if I have to equip it on Max or...), and (4) At the front of the Auction Hall. No you only need to get the canceller Max doesn't need to equip it to get the skill.

Then again don't forget the AIbird upgrade is only possible after you enter the final dungeon ie the required dark orb for its upgrade is only found their. First, I get Max's 2nd skill which can be obtained at Peruti port (Pink Miacis).

As players level up the Hunter skill they gain the ability to catch creatures which award greater amounts of experience when they are caught.

Levelling up the Hunter skill also allows players to lay more traps at once when hunting using traps.

After that, I get back my Max and acquired his 3rd skill.

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