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20 Mar: I TOLD YOU IT WAS GOING TO BE A GOOD DAY... 16 Mar: HOW TO AVOID GETTING ANNOYED BY CERTAIN PEOPLE: AVOID CERTAIN PEOPLE 15 Mar: I kind of like being tangled up with you... 09 Dec: The first signs of cracks beginning to appear... 25 Nov: GLASS CATHEDRAL ARTWORKS: Spitalfields Art Fair London, Tues 2nd - Sun 7th Dec '08 25 Nov: The left irritate me, as do the right. 14 Mar: RORY BRANAGAN - DETECTIVE 13 Mar: For you, today, may a particularly large smile, come your way... 26 Jan: Everything is going to be fine...except of course if you are allergic to cheeese... 08 Dec: Always take a hug along with you (you just never know when you might need it) 28 Nov: The bend of the world is nigh...

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21 Mar: I wonder if there is a cheesecake out there thinking of me too?

20 Mar: The ability to enjoy a glass of wine is one of the best ingredients of survival... 16 Mar: HOW OLD WOULD YOU BE IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW HOW OLD YOU ARE? 14 Jan: Beware of a small red house 13 Jan: Signs of life on Mars... 20 Dec: Merry Xmas and Happy New Year 16 Dec: Pizza factory Samosa factory 15 Dec: Signs of happiness 12 Dec: The first sign of fatigue 11 Dec: Limited Edition Print: Capitalism is Dead 11 Dec: Always take a sofa along with you (you never know when you might lose something and need to look under it) 10 Dec: PERSONALISABLE HAROLD'S PLANET Xmas CARDS ONLINE 10 Dec: Ants explained...

25 Nov: Always be prepared 23 Nov: If youve done snomething wrong, just snay snorry. [2] Place a bicycle between yourself and that surface. 17 Nov: The 3 Unwritten Rules of Life 16 Nov: On your marks, get set, Prosecco!

15 Nov: LIFE: This is not a rehearsal, this is it, now.

1 Sep: 8 hrs sleep 31 Aug: 8 hrs sleep 31 Aug: HOW TO GET 8 HOURS OF UNDISTURBED SLEEP 30 Aug: HOW TO GET 8 HOURS OF UNDISTURBED SLEEP 30 Aug: HOW TO GET 8 HOURS OF UNDISTURBED SLEEP 30 Aug: AGELESS COMPANIONS 26 Aug: How to be a good person 26 Aug: How to ensure you have a good day 24 Aug: When I think of you, things always feel better... 25 Apr: Online Story - The Lost fart 24 Apr: Normality is Relative... 03 Apr: He was beginning to feel that his position might be vulnerable... 31 Mar: Did you put enough money in the parking meter?

18 Aug: 3 RULES FOR LIFE 10 Aug: ADVICE FOR THE DAY: Spend quality time in a tree 2 Jul: EVERYBODY DESERVES A GOOD SLEEP 18 Jun: MAKE EVERY DAY COUNT ESPECIALLY ON WEEKENDS 16 Jun: CLOSE YOUR EYES AND THINK ABOUT NICE THINGS... 3 May: SIMPLE PLEASURES: 9 HOURS OF UNDISTURBED SLEEP 2 May: SIMPLE PLEASURES: FAMILY, FRIENDS & LAUGHTER 29 Apr: Let there be bubbles 28 Apr: SIMPLE PLEASURES: A COMFORTABLE SILENCE 27 Apr: Let there be cake 26 Apr: WHY EVEN BOTHER GROWING UP? 23 Apr: Bread & Jam - Apr: Just when he beagn to feel like he might fit it, Harold realised he was left-shadowed... 14 Nov: Oceans are here to be crossed 13 Nov: What's a duckdoo? 30 May: May all your tomorrows involve garlic, in some shape or form 26 May: How to deal with your problems 23 May: Small herd of sock-heads moving east across the open tundra 23 May: Small herd of sock-heads moving east across the open tundra 18 May: Let's catch up some time... 4 May: Yoga for the Chocolate Eclair Aficionado 1 May: Spaghetti Bolognese 18 Apr: Dreaming the same dream... 9 Nov: One of those days where everything felt just a little bit too messy for me, so I climbed up and turned it to face the breeze... 17 Apr: How to hold on to your SANITY: [1] Gather up what might be left of it. [3] Use strong duct tape to attach it to your chest. 14 Apr: HOW TO DEAL WITH STRESS 13 Apr: Have wheels, will travel... 29 Oct: You know, I realy could do with a little grrrr in my life.... [2] don't spend too much time talking about politics. 28 Oct: STOP & TAKE A BREATH 27 Oct: COFFEE KEEPS ME BUSY UNTIL IT'S ACCEPTABLE TO DRINK WINE 24 Oct: AS WE GET OLDER 22 Oct: I regret having had 8 hours sleep - said no one ever 19 Oct: YESTERDAY WAS BLEURGHHH, TODAY IS HMMM, BUT TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE BLOODY BRILLIANT... 17 Feb: If you want to be taken for a walk, why don't you just ask? 19 Oct: Yoga for Wine Lovers 17 Oct: IN THE OCEAN OF LIFE... 20 Feb: I am master of my own small inflatable dingy... 16 Feb: HAROLD'S PLANET ONLINE CARDS 16 Feb: Stop and go... 12 Feb: Civilization: Summed up succinctly by a simple fiddling motion... 22 Mar: Fun is one of the most critical and underrated ingredients in any successful endeavour... 14 Nov: Inpatients, outpatients, insideoutpatients....

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