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The inevitable consequence of his actions of this occasion was that he was court-marshalled and was awaiting sentence when the rest of his Valk prepared for an all out assault.

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The first of these is when he and his Valk returned from weeks of foot slogging through Angola, where they had done some hard fighting and were sorely in need of rest and peace.

Instead, on regaining their base, he discovered that his pet cats had been brutally and needlessly killed by a PF infantry Staff Sergeant while he was away on operations.

Bear in mind that the Federation had a colonial police force, the British South African Police, which was larger than its armed forces.

Federation army and air force units augmented the British Empire and Commonwealth commands in the various post World War II conflicts of "national liberation." They also saw combat service as part of the independence struggles of southern Africa from Portugal, Great Britain, and South Africa.

Granger Korff, together with a good friend, John Delaney, joined the Parabats, [and] then tried out for Recce selection, but in the end chose to return to the Parabats, and serve out their time there.

This decision led directly their involvement in a lot of fighting in northern South West Africa and particularly in Angola, during Operations Protea, Daisy and Ceiling.The regiment had a single battalion with supporting establishment and soon adopted a "commando" or light infantry role as the best means to accomplish its mission as a force in readiness.This included intensive training in the use of helicopters and parachutes for "vertical" envelopment as a quick reaction element.First impressions can be false though, and I am pleased to say that mine were in this instance.Any person who has had to endure what the author and his comrades did, through tough training and later on a succession of external operations into Angola in 1981, will have to admire his human spirit and endurance under extreme duress.That has nothing to do with this book, and in fact is barely if at all mentioned by the author.

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