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Many processors will simply refuse to approve you for a merchant account, while others will charge you significantly higher rates and fees than you would otherwise have to pay.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of merchant services providers that deliberately market to high-risk businesses that are struggling to get approved for a merchant account, only to rip them off with outrageously high fees and rates, as well as draconian contract terms.

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How a merchant services provider treats a high-risk business can also vary widely.

Many providers, particularly those that try to offer merchant services at the lowest possible prices, simply do not accept any high-risk businesses at all.

Running any business these days more or less requires that you give your customers the option of paying with credit or debit cards.

If you’re an e Commerce entrepreneur, credit/debit cards are just about your option for getting paid.

All processors will carefully judge your business to determine whether you fall into the “high-risk” category.

If, for whatever reason, your business is determined to be a high-risk one, the consequences can be severe.Either you’re high-risk, or you’re not – there is no middle ground.Beyond that, it gets complicated as every processor has their own unique guidelines for determining whether you’re in the high-risk category.While the exact criteria for determining high-risk status vary from one provider to the next, the following factors are usually used to determine whether a business qualifies as high-risk: Below is a list of business types that are often considered high-risk.While this list doesn’t cover every single possible high-risk business, it does include the categories that are most often regarded as high-risk.Finally, we’ll give you some tips for avoiding the not-so-high-quality providers that prey on high-risk merchants.

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