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[Read: The real truth about love at first sight] No matter what your age, you’re definitely going to get a crush on many people in your life. If you have a crush on someone and feel like you need to put an end to it or deal with it in a better way, here are 10 tips to do that and have fun along the way! Just start finding someone else attractive and desirable and you’ll completely overcome your earlier crush.

If you interact with new members of the opposite sex, you may even have a new crush every week. A crush is nothing but an appreciation of beauty or certain traits that you admire in someone else, especially the opposite sex. But getting over a crush, well, that’s a whole new story. [Read: How a rebound relationship can be good for you] Anyone with a bit of experience with getting over crushes will tell you that the easiest way to get over a crush is to get a new crush on someone else.

[Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves that always work] #10 Deal with it.

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Pretty soon, you’ll just get over any crush you have whenever you want to. Sometimes, an addiction can be overcome when you fill yourself up to the brim and feel sick about it.

It’s like getting drunk and suffering a hangover the next morning.

When you start talking to your crush after getting introduced by someone else, you may start to realize that your crush isn’t such a fine catch anyway! If your crush accepts your proposal, it’s even better.

If they decline you, you can force yourself to move on.

Seriously, stop obsessing about your crush and revolving your world around them. Create little moments that excite you and make butterflies flit in your stomach.

I’m telling you again, just get a crush on someone else or meet someone who likes you too. When you genuinely test both your compatibilities and are convinced that you can’t really date this person in reality, you’ll realize that this person you like is just a little crush who is of no importance in your real life. This new person doesn’t have to look as attractive as your crush.

You’ll almost always forget about your crush as soon as you start having a good time with someone else. Would your crush like the new dress you’re picking up?

Would your crush like your new hairstyle or bag the next time you bump into them?

As with everything in life, sometimes hearing the truth from the horse’s mouth is always the best solution. ] Just use these 10 tips on how to get over a crush and you’ll definitely feel a lot better about yourself, and get your life back in order too.

And the next time you get a crush on someone else, you’ll learn to enjoy it instead of regretting it!

Don’t bottle your feelings up and assume they’ll go away.

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