Girls dating douchebags

I'm not saying we need to have an in-depth conversation about your childhood dreams before we hop into bed together, but at least knowing whether or not your personality repulses us is handy.

Put it in real-world terms: If you meet a girl in a bar and are planning on having a drunken hook-up, never to meet again once the morning-after awkwardness is done, you'd still chat to her for at least half an hour beforehand to figure out if she annoys you, right?

) live tweeted a cringeworthy first date with a dude whose name is likely Chad.

The dude is a first-ballot Hall of Fame douchebag and if my future daughter ever dates a guy like this, I’ll throw her up for adoption no questions asked.

Translation: You're open and honest about your intentions, which means you lead no girls on and implies you'll continue to be honest while you casually date.

It's great to include what you're looking for on your profile because it means you'll only match with girls who are looking for the same thing..who can't read. It doesn't matter if you're just on Tinder for sex - we can't very well make a decision about whether or not we want to fuck you if we can't even decide if we like you.

If I ever catch someone live tweeting a first date I’m on, I’m prepared to do 25 to life for murder.

No one needs to know that I go straight for the butt stuff questions before I know her last name.

Take a look at the mock profile I've put together and the way it reads for the girl choosing whether you'll get pushed to the left or right of her phone screen. You've mentioned you've got a job and not even told us what it is. I'm sick of having to message first just because I'm the guy, so if we match I won't message you first. No, you shouldn't have to message first because you're a guy, but any girl who you match with who feels the same way will happily message you first.

Yo Im Tyler, 26 and from *A city near you*Translation: You're too lazy to use an apostrophe, and think the automatically-included-in-your-profile age, name, and distance needs repeating because what, girls are so totally stupid? I like having fun, I work hard through the week and party harder at the weekend. It's baffling that anyone thinks that fun means the same thing to everyone as it does to them. If it's important enough for you to mention, it'll probably come up in conversation if we match. I used to message first quite a lot, but I wouldn't even swipe right on a dude with a disclaimer about it!

Some moments, however, you just can’t miss; cringe-worthy ones that make you go “what did I see in him?! If you’ve ever met a douchebag in your lifetime—bless your soul if you haven’t—you can relate. They’ll keep trying to put their arms around you, or call you ‘babe’ prematurely.

They overstep boundaries and think this is the way to make us feel comfortable around them.

Translation: You actually have taste in music, whether it be good or bad (to the girl viewing your profile), you have taste, which is another good topic of discussion if you match.

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