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No sign of a serial number anywhere as far as I can see, either onheadstock or on the maker's paper seen through the soundhole, although there is a (illegible) signature on it....

Hi I just bought a Seagull M6 Cedar at a pawn shop today. I went to the Seagull website to see if I could contact them about finding out what year model it is using the serial number, however the only contact method they have is via snail mail to a Canadian address, so I was wondering if anyone here has any resources on finding model years from the serial numbers. I'll start another thread on what is the best pickup to buy for it.

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URL: Description: For enthusiasts of Harmony guitars, a database of specifications and photos; includes acoustic and electric models, listed by model number, brand name and family.

Harmony guitars database Harmony guitars database - Information for all Harmony fans 1154734336 - Archtop - Bigsby - Bobkat - Espanada - Guitars - H53 - H78 - Harmony Database - Harmony Guitars - Harmony Reference - Hollow Body - Models - Monterey - Rocket - Roy Smeck - Serial Numbers - Silhouette - Silvertone - Sovereign - Stella - Stratotone The Gold Sound Database CD-ROM is a set of high-quality digital sounds, designed to be used in the Myriad software programs (Melody/Harmony Assistant).

Ergo, once you have this your best bet (to get an acturate estimate as to it's fair market value) is to go to Barnes & Nobles or another good book store and look it up in the "Blue Book for Electric Guitars" latest edition, check the copywrite date. Year of manufacture could be on the base of the neck or coded within the guitar's serial number.

This will give you a good fair market value for your guitar based upon it's condition. If not, you'll have to contact the manufacturer with the serial number to get the year of manufacture. use the below link to find a dealer nearest to you and use that dealer as your medium to get your questions answered by Harmony. an electric guitar?

If there is a four-digit serial number, which the vast majority of Silvertone instruments have, you can use it to find the guitar's age.

Remove the guitar's neck if you cannot find the serial number anywhere else.

Melody player includes the light version of the digital sound database, so it does not need any Midi card or...

Melody player includes the light version of the digital sound database, so it doesn't need any Midi card or...

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