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On tonight’s episode per say the ABC synopsis “Verne Troyer is best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movie franchise.

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Lindsey says big things are coming for Verne and Tyson. Brittney tells Hines they’re going to be spontaneous. Lindsey says he has to put in some effort for Brittney and Verne isn’t excited about this. He takes him back into the kitchen and Tyson is thrilled to be able to get a cooking lesson. The chef, Sandy, says his biggest regret is that he didn’t stay in school and says running a business is hard.

Brittney says their house is intimidating and says clean up can wait. Jaden throws a pillow on the floor and Hines freaks. Verne says this is one of Lindsey’s better ideas and says it’s great for Tyson. Hines sits down with Brittney and says he didn’t like her rules.

the 38-year-old Super Bowl XL MVP is all set to tie the knot with his fiance Lindsey Georgalas next month ...

FYI -- the starting price to rent out space for an event at Heinz Field is $12,500 ... we're guessing at the very least, he'll get some sort of "I'm a Steelers legend" discount.

Hines likes to run a tight ship where everyone contributes to maintaining the upkeep of the home.

Jaden also follows a schedule and has his own responsibilities, including homework.” We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap, season 4 episode 2.

Brittney watches them then says they should play paintball out in the backyard. Lindsey goes to pick Tyson up from school and asks what he did today. He says school is boring then admits he’s struggling with his grades. He says cooking makes him happy and says he wants to go to cooking school in France. Brittney thinks the routine is crazy and says they have no spontaneous fun. She says they’re not worried about image today and has PJs for them too. She tells Jaden he gets to pick his dad’s outfit and Jaden laughs and says pink dress. Hines says he doesn’t want him to think you can mess up a house. Tyson says he didn’t think she would be so concerned and is in mother mode. Hines is cleaning up all of Brittney’s mess and says it’s a waste of his time.

She asks Jaden if he plays sports at school but he says he doesn’t want to get hurt. She thinks he needs some rules and structure to get him on his path. At Verne’s Lindsey is annoyed they’re not interacting and she has cabin fever. It’s the day of the rules change and they get to change things. Lindsey says they’re making room for Brittney’s stuff. Lindsey is tracking Tyson after school and says it’s really late. Lindsey arranges for a meet up with a celebrity chef for Tyson to check out.

She asks if it’s awkward going out and people know who he is.

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