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Being a good listener and asking how you can help or simply just being there for people you care about can be the first step to recovery.

You can see we use the username as the phone’s number, and instantiate Pub Nub using your own publish and subscribe keys. Fire up your python server and go test your app on localhost!

The next function, function allows you to define a callback that takes a session as a parameter for when a call event occurs, whether that be a new call, a call hangup, or for losing service, you attach those event handlers to the sessions in function which takes a number and an optional list of servers to place a call. In our next two parts, we walkthrough how to add a number of additional features to your Web RTC video chat application, including: make/end Calls, thumbnail streams, mute call, pause video, and group chatting. Web RTC is not a standalone API, it needs a signaling service to coordinate communication.

Being open to a conversation is the first step towards eliminating the stigma.

Know the facts, be kind, be a good listener and a friend.

Create your FREE account now, All you need is a valid email address.

It's important to us that all users are over the age of 18.

In our next part, we’ll add some cool features to bolster our Web RTC video app.

Check out the live Web RTC video chat demo here, open up two windows, and watch it in action!

To get your pub/sub keys, you’ll first need to sign up for a Pub Nub account.

Once you sign up, you can find your unique Pub Nub keys in the Pub Nub Developer Dashboard.

The 5 km walk takes place at 39 sites across Canada with fun activities for the whole family.

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