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“In times of crazy inflation, I’d say that this is a pretty good indicator that the underground sex scene is growing. Brushing things under the carpet might just make the mould grow under the carpet.So we have more hookers and cheap ones, too.” Things being driven underground has done little to affect the vibrancy of the community, though, she says.The notion of asking for someone’s number, inviting them out for dinner or movies, taking a potential relationship through a step-by-step process from friends to lovers has been, as many contend, a phenomenon largely absent from Icelandic society.

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Having taken part in swing parties in Iceland and the US for a number of years, they have learned a few things along the way.

Gunnar and Bryndís have had swing parties that involved young people from all over Iceland, but for the most part, they say those involved in this world are between the ages 30 and 55 and usually come from the capital area.

But it is this very close-knit quality that also pushes more “fringe” aspects of the romantic world into the shadows—specifically with regard to Iceland’s BDSM and swing scene.

“Many couples probably engage in BDSM, or have a D/s [Dominant/submissive] relationship, without even knowing what it is,” says Tinna, who has been active in the BDSM community, both here in Iceland and in the UK, for several years now.“Maybe a girl will like it when her boyfriend ties her up, or a guy enjoys being spanked, but neither would ever say they’re into BDSM.That term carries associations with something they’d see as freakish and perverted. But they do it all the time.” It is difficult to assess just how large, or small, Iceland’s underground sex scene is.“I think this is how things came to be in the underground sex scene in Iceland.People were told not to, so they found a way, and also found out that they weren’t the only pervs out there.They find others with similar interests, and begin communicating through private messages on this site.

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