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My family used to live at 15 Shelldale Road and my brother worked in the scrapyard next door.

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Crown Road, where I used to live, is now one way at the top end, and seems much narrower than how I remember it.

I suppose that in the days when I lived there cars were practically non-existent down there.

Mary's Catholic school in Vale Road from 1953 through to 1958.

I have to agree with previous correspondents here about the dubious means of discipline used by the teachers who were all Nuns.

My great grandparents were the Hobbs and my nan was called Joan. We moved to Canada in 1979 and when we came on holiday in 1988 to visit my nan and my great grandad, the house looked just the same on the inside as it would have done when my great grandparents had moved there in the 1920's.

It would be great if anyone could remember the family and get in touch as it is my dad's 65th birthday in May 2008 and I am putting together a Hello Sarah - I am sure your Dad will remember me, we went to school together and played together.

A Maynard thespian near the bridge I also recall a member of the Maynard family around that time who used to live in or near Shelldale Road near the bridge.

I have always been under the impression that they may have been related to a person that was or is involved in the thespian profession, but I am not sure of this. It is amazing how little things like this jog one's memory.

Do you also remember the little shop in Elm Road run by Grace Robinson? We have just moved into 61 Trafalgar Road and have been told that it used to be a shop.

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