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The interface of a live chat application is similar to an instant messenger window, and both types of applications can be used to chat.

However, that is where the similarities end for all practical purposes.

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Thus, the confusion between the terms used for both types of technologies.

Live chat has been known by many names over the years.

Essentially, live chat software enables you to chat only with agents on the host website, while instant messenger platforms let you message other people who have the same application installed or who are members of the same social-networking site (i.e. Not a lot of information is available as to who actually created the very first live chat platform.

However, the general consensus is that several companies began developing live chat applications after Jeremie Miller released the open-messaging technology Jabber in 1999.

With live chat, though, your visitor or customer does not need to download or install anything. Better communication allows you to help customers set right expectations, which is an essential skill for agents to be top performing.

To reach your company using live chat, the visitor needs only to have a Web browser on his/her phone or computer. Here we offer 12 essential tips for live chat agents to communicating effectively, addressing customer issues efficiently, and representing your brand professionally.In short, live chat is a platform you use on your website to communicate with site visitors, and an instant messenger application is something you use to communicate with people you know.Continue reading to get a more in-depth view of what is live chat; what it does and how it can help your business or website.A live chat button sits prominently on your website where a visitor can click and get instant access to you (or one of your agents.) When a visitor clicks a button to send a message, you receive it instantly and are able to respond and “maybe” turn that visitor in to a client or provide valuable support.Better live chat systems notify you of a visitor’s arrival on your website – even if they don’t click your live chat button.Identifiant et mot de passe Votre profil et vos paramètres Noms sur Facebook Protéger votre compte Notifications Préférences publicitaires Consultation et téléchargement de vos informations Désactivation ou suppression de votre compte Signaler un abus Signaler un problème avec Facebook Signaler une infraction aux règles de confidentialitéComptes piratés et faux comptes Gérer le compte d’une personne décédée Télécharger votre pièce d’identitéPropriété intellectuelleÀ propos de nos règles Un sélecteur d’audience apparaît à la plupart des endroits où vous pouvez publier des mises à jour de votre statut, des photos et d’autres contenus.

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