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Trump's royal "special honor" was no more than standard working-visit protocol, royal experts say.

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EUROPA stamps are special stamps issued by European postal administrations/enterprises and bears the official EUROPA logo, a Post Europ registered trademark under the aegis of Post Europ in which Europe is the central theme.

EUROPA stamps underlines cooperation in the posts domain, taking into account promotion of philately.

For example, a current post explores the issue of Cyber Security: Readers learn about important issues to take care of when implementing an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

And there is more to come on this and other topics.

In order to effectively transform business ideas into actions, you need a plan. Guidance on how to create one has just been updated, providing a powerful tool to complement any quality management system, including ISO 9001. The populations of most world cities are growing fast, and with it come challenges and opportunities for keeping citizens safe and well.

In our hyper-connected, technology driven world, data breaches and cyber-attacks remain a significant threat to organizations, and a lack of awareness of the risks is often to blame. Amongst the most heavily regulated and tested food products in the world, infant formula, and formulas for special medical purposes, come with rigorously checked nutritional labelling to ensure they are what they say they are. New International Standards for measuring and improving the performance of cities have just been published to help cities keep on top of the game.

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Our goal is to bring you the highest-quality information and most up-to-date and internationally relevant material on standards in each issue.

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