Interracial dating nj

The Defenders Online Website does not seem to be functioning, which means that there is no way to access my article, Soulfood Shiva.For that reason, I am placing it below as a regular post.

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Any time my parents laughed together—which was often—I felt safe and warm; things were good and would stay that way.

My parents’ parties were loud and boisterous, but always wrapped up at a reasonable hour.

“It’s that time, folks,” he’d boom, in his rich, good-natured bass, “That’s all she wrote.” I was the lone kid at the parties, in my parents’ world in general.

By the time I reached kindergarten, all the little friends I’d had in our building had moved to the suburbs.

So here’s the repost: I am glad to say that by now—nearly a week after Valentine’s Day, 2012, the day “The Loving Story” aired on HBO—interracial marriage is more accepted in this country than ever. (Which you can read about in this link from GOOD Magazine.) On that note, I believe it’s time to extend marriage rights to same sex couples.

I believe that a marriage between two people of the same sex is no less a marriage than one between two people of different sexes.My parents were married for forty-five years when my father died.In four and a half decades, their interracial marriage did not threaten the sanctity of anyone’s same-race marriage. I think it is time to acknowledge that marriage is a loving, committed relationship between two people who love and commit to one another.I’d poke his hair down in one spot just to see how long the finger holes would stay.“Don’t mess up the ’do,” he’d grin at me, reaching for his pick.What undermines marriage is marrying someone because your publicist told you to.

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