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Ten years later it was first installed in cabinet form at Stanford under the moniker Galaxy Game: two months after that, the soon-to-be founders of Atari took their own crack at it, this time as Computer Space, the very first commercially-produced video game.

A tremendously important occasion for the infant industry and genre alike, Computer Space also marked the genesis of multiplayer ” not only did certain cabs support two-player mode, but a 1977 revision, Space Wars, could only be operated by two human challengers (a networked version titled Orbitwar had also appeared in 1974). ’s use of “manual thrust” movement controls gives it the closest kinship with Atari’s later arcade hit Asteroids, but the latter cannot claim credit for bringing the medium into its own: that honor goes to 1978’s cultural sensation, Space Invaders, which simplified and focused the shooting experience by limiting players’ movement area to a single horizontal line and fixing their firing direction straight upwards, rendering its rules and interface easy for anyone to grasp within mere seconds.

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To contemporary audiences raised on sidequest-laden open worlds and control pads requiring roadmaps to navigate, however, a product whose modus operandi can be summed up as “move, shoot, and roll credits after 40 minutes” is all but destined to be passed over, especially if it retails for anything above bargain-bin price.

Anybody who’s ever played a shoot-em-up “in earnest”, however, knows better.

Players could now tailor their ship’s abilities to both their personal preferences and the demands of each individual area ” from ground missiles to frontal shields to “option” helpers, a fully-loaded Vic Viper was, and still is, a force to be reckoned with.

Flush with success, in 1986 the series branched off into the Salamander side story, which included both horizontally- and vertically-scrolling levels within a single game, as well as a then-unusual emphasis on gooey “organic” backdrops and enemies; eventually this offshoot grew popular enough to spawn an anime mini-series.

The Founding Fathers With the genre’s basic groundwork firmly set, by the early 1980’s more and more of the features we presently associate with shoot-em-ups were beginning to appear.

A number of these innovations came courtesy of Western developers: Williams’ Defender debuted as the first “side-view” shooter, as well as the first to feature a screen-covering “smart bomb” special weapon.

Sunsoft and Sega also decided to team up and give Twinbee a bit of competition with the whimsical Fantasy Zone: though the game’s core structure actually mimics Defender most closely, the unusual “shop” power-up system, in which you can spend coins dropped by defeated baddies, helps to set it apart.

Other established developers, for their part, certainly had no intentions of being left behind. Then there was former cabinet rental outfit Irem, which had by now dipped its toe into the shooter realm on several occasions, with limited success: in 1987 it finally struck gold with the iconic R-Type.

Despite their easy-to-grasp premise, shmups outright refuse to treat their audience like insecure children ” it’s the individual player’s job to mine the depths of each and every compact, focused experience, gradually honing one’s skills not in flailing pursuit of some arbitrary virtual trinket, but because the game is fun and well-crafted enough to replay again and again on its own merits.

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