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The only advice I can offer is to remember that, if you value what can be considered 'the truth', then you have to sacrifice a little pride, ego, and stubbornness to find it.Don't let a difference of opinion and a container called "INTJ" ruin what 'could be'.

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It’s just all so familiar to a quintessential INTJ, likely because Nietzsche himself was an INTJ.

He unapologetically attacks every institution that has ever offended him, and not just attacks them but obliterates them – this I found to be very inspiring. However, if you really want a fight with INTJs, Ayn Rand is where it's at. I am a philosophical, artistic, and politically alternative/new right/non-egalitarian woman, and my fiance is a right-brained but logical, radical leftist, anarchist, feminist man.

Everything about his philosophy I found inspiring, more so than any other INTJ philosopher. We make it work because we want the same things and find a moral common ground, we just get there in different ways.

We also realize that we can both make sacrifices of our individuality to become more cohesive as a couple. I agree that our MBTI doesn't necessarily define our philosophical understanding of the world (although, there is some levels of correlation with politics and MBTI).

Most INTJs will view any situation from multiple perspectives, second guess themselves, ponder alternatives, and reluctantly commit.

Personally, the moment I commit to a conviction, I find myself picking it apart, mostly because I don't want to be embarrassed later by what I've just proclaimed.

With most people I meet there’s some possibility of philosophical compromise, that maybe we might grow to see the world from a similar light – but this was starkly not the case with either of us. Do you believe you have troubles with emotional expression or factoring emotions into decision making? I would say we have similar life philosophies and life goals. Sometimes it's as simple as a difference in word definition.

I’m terribly stubborn and will defend my ideas all night, and I could tell she was very much the same; it’s not as if our thoughts were transit or lighthearted, what we spoke about we believed completely and it would take years or a profound discovery to convince either of us to change. We are really lucky to have extremely similar world views. If we find ourselves at an impasse we figure out who cares more or if the subject is worth resolving at all.

She was an urbanite who lives downtown and hasn’t left the city in years, I’m a backcountry lover who drives a truck and wants to live in a rural area. Did you fight over Nietzsche (and, if so, who won)?

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