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If Jacob Prasch thinks that the first half of The Tribulation is part of God’s wrath on earth, then I do not know what bible he is reading.

Maybe he should stop reading extra-biblical books like the Midrash and pay attention to the Word of God alone to get a clue.

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So how does the Rapture of the church relate to “the Day of the Lord” which happens 7 years?

We know that “the Day of the Lord” will come suddenly and unexpectedly like a thief in the night, in other words, The Tribulation starts suddenly and unexpectedly.

Weeks, who says he is innocent, recently shared his story with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bynum, who is developing a domestic violence ministry, has held local news conferences on TV and radio to discuss her accounts of the marriage.

Another way to look at it is that, the Antichrist will be revealed before ‘the day of the Lord’ (or Tribulation stars) but can only be revealed right after the time of the Rapture.

Jacob Prasch says, 7 year Tribulation period (also known as “Time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jeremiah 30:7) is considered a time of JUDGEMENT from God, not just the last 3.5 years which some seem to think. Q: Did you give your wife those bruises in an attack on Aug. A: I did not choke my wife, I did not beat my wife, I did not kick nor stomp her. I started focusing putting tog[the book] after the Essence [article about Bynum]. villianization of who I am as a person.ether Q: There is a restraining order in effect, but in your [online] apology last week it appears that you both have been communicating? People don’t think I have text messages from her but I have more than 100 … I don’t think there is an absolute possibility that we will never reconcile.The main problem with The Harbinger is that Jonathan Cahn equates America to be a replacement of Israel, a New Israel. Jonathan Cahn is claiming that the Pilgrims (America’s founders who were Puritins – Calvinists) constituted America to be in a covenant relationship with God like Israel is in a covenant with God.This is of course a lie, but they believed it never the less. The 40-year-old senior pastor of Global Destiny Church and its international ministries has been accused of abusing his famous wife, national evangelist Juanita Bynum. Q: Before this happened, how many members did Global Destiny have?

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