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Nowadays, Karakasidis works as a real estate agent in Los Angeles.She lives with Ryerson and her three children from a previous relationship and they’re all so great together, they’re the epitome of ‘family goals.’ Related: Women who have sex with women orgasm much, much more, new study shows Because she’s an estate agent, and is often responsible for getting a property ready to sell, Karakasidis knows the difference between a shabby-looking home and a chic one so she’d be great as our design expert.Considering she’s already fairly well-known within the lesbian and queer women community, she knows homes like the back of her hand and she’s super funny – (we suggest you check out her Instagram or some of her You Tube vlogs) – we think she’d be a worthy addition to the female Fab Five.

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Otherwise, we wouldn’t be very happy with the streaming service…

Cooper, a self-proclaimed fashion activist, may have made her fame through her stylish social media pages and menswear-based blog She’s A Gent, but she also hosts podcast ‘Be Free Be Conscious.’ Each instalment focuses on ‘a plethora of issues affecting various cultures, society and the LGBTQ communities’ and is ‘a way to share necessary information, experiences, points of view, and give a voice to those who have been silenced for so long’.

If money were no object – and let’s face it, for Netflix, it isn’t – we’d be requesting model-turned-actor Cara Delevingne be style specialist, Australian chef Kylie Kwong cook up a storm in the kitchen, Ellen De Generes be in charge of jazzing up the subject’s homes and Janelle Monáe take care of all things culture.

We’d still want Nilsen for grooming/beauty though – you can’t argue with almost four million subscribers! Now all you need to do is get commissioning on the gender-flipped take on the show.

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