Is tyra banks dating anyone

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In a candid new interview, Tyra Banks revealed her mom, Carolyn London, is pressuring her to have more kids to give her two-year-old son, York Banks Asla, a sibling.

"God, my mom wants more grandbabies," Tyra, 44, revealed on Sunday, June 24.

Unfortunately for most of us, if we want to avoid ending up alone, we can’t really wait around for a Belgian supermodel to walk into our neighborhood Starbucks.

One of the perks of being a pro athlete, however, is that you can afford to be pretty selective in choosing a mate.

" the star said in a previous interview of her future plans to tie the knot.

She and Erik reportedly split in October 2017, so it's unclear if Tyra is dating anyone else!

Tyra continued, "But at the same time with my hard work my son often comes with me, he's here today!

So I want him to see mommy's world and to understand what she does, so that when he's away from me he's like, 'Oh mommy's with camera or is mommy in business suit meeting today?

Someone once asked him what he would be if he wasn’t a soccer player, to which Crouch replied, “a virgin! she was a virgin back in 2006, or we know why the relationship with The Captain didn’t last long.) Eventually, however, Lima married Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, formerly of the Clippers, T-Wolves, and Grizzlies. And in any case, aren’t you glad I found an excuse to bring you this photo?

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