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As the camera flashes died down, the actress, dressed in a white blouse, a micro miniskirt and stockings, stepped off the stage in her killer heels and her assistant rushes forward to offer her a tissue for the sweat that had accumulated on her brow. She then strode to the corner of the darkened room and shared her thoughts with the crowd of reporters that gathered."This is nothing," said Aw about her dressing for the pole dancing scene. Aw revealed that she was a little disappointed by the size of the stage."There are space constraints ...

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The tiny stage isn't what Aw is used to and prevented her from performing the more advanced moves, but it may be a blessing in disguise."The director didn't want me to look too professional.

He needs me to be a bit more 'freestyle', like a bar patron that got carried away," said Aw, explaining that her character is not a professional pole dancer but actually suffers from multiple personality disorder.

The director calls for a break and the media photographers get busy, shooting Aw, 31, in various poses on the stage.

A member of the production crew approaches a few gawking extras, who had hastily whipped out their phones to film Aw on stage, to stop.

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She is trading her high-flying acting career for an opportunity to attempt at different new stuffs, such as going into business, travelling, attending short courses or just taking a long break.

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