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” Since the discovery of Jiah’s six-page letter four days after her death, the case has been dogged by claim and counter claim.

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She blossomed in New York and it was with that energy and confidence that she came to India.

After the film, instead of returning to college she wanted to stay.

“She was so happy and I caught a glimpse of the old Jiah from as a carefree girl in New York. I drove the car and she was singing along to a Rihanna song on the radio and pursue her music,” said Mrs Khan.

The pair went their separate ways, but when Mrs Khan returned home later that evening, she immediately sensed something was wrong: “All the lights were on and it was silent which I thought was strange. Her handbag was lying there so I knew she was at home. I held her and cried,’ no baby, no, who did this to you?

While on holiday in India, the 18-year-old was spotted by respected Bollywood director, Ram Gopal Verma, who was looking for a fresh face for his remake of American Beauty, ‘Nishabd’.

Although the film was a box office failure, she was praised for her bold performance.The Bombay High Court in Mumbai is currently deciding whether the case should be investigated as a homicide, after forensics experts bought in by the family highlighted inconsistencies in the original autopsy report, including unexplained bruising to her face and body.Mrs Khan, now spends much of her time in Mumbai, coordinating the Justice4Jiah campaign on social media.Mrs Khans said: “I was stroking her hair and said ‘you say you love him, but all I see is sadness in your eyes’.She started crying uncontrollably, saying ‘he doesn’t respect me, he cheats and abuses me.Mrs Khan said: “Jiah was a sweet, loving child, with many friends, but she was very shy so she found her voice through artistic ways.

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