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Over three decades later, Kerry’s biographer, Douglas Brinkley, found the White House tapes of Armistead’s chat with Nixon and remarked that Armistead’s memory of the meeting had been surprisingly accurate.

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While the rest of the world is enthusiastically adopting the all-in-one USB Type-C standard, Microsoft and Apple are stubbornly sticking with their proprietary connectors.

That's why I no longer carry a Surface or an i Phone when I travel.

Overhauled car emissions and economy tests come in the autumn and look set to make their mark on buyers and manufacturers alike.

Ever wondered why you buy a new car and it doesn’t manage to come close to its official economy figure?

1 2 Next Page Tennis legend Jim Courier, then ranked number two in the world, scandalized sports writers by reading a book during changeovers at the World Championships in Frankfurt in 1993. Armistead Maupin’s at Harper Collins, died of cancer in 2001, so Armistead flew to New York for the memorial service.

He was offered two possible return flights to San Francisco the following day – September 11 -- and chose the later one, since he didn’t want to get up early.Its backers claim these are the world’s first official fuel economy tests undertaken on the open road.WLTP will apply to all new car and van registrations from September 1 this year.The fiercely competitive software giant is positioning its wares for cloud computing with software and services.The company's two cash cows - operating systems and the Office productivity suite - are performing well.The flight he declined was United 93, the one that crashed in Pennsylvania.

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