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) Metal bench planes can be found quite easily on Ebay.

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As my technique improved I decided to start by making a norsaq (hand held rolling stick) or two.

These are small enough to not be too challenging, whilst they allow you to actually make something and improve your skills.

Get those head lamps out and come experience the Greenway after hours!

Join us as we enjoy the serene moonlit waters of Lake Haigler on this after dark adventure.

Please note that nonmembers will also be required to pay $5 nonmember entry fee at the gate.

In some cities, prices have fallen much more dramatically.

I did this by continually sharpening and adjusting them and soon learned good techniques for shaving and planing the wood surface.

It’s good to do this with just a cheap old bit of spare pine before going anywhere near a paddle!

It became apparent that Greeenland paddles can be a very personal thing.

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