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From an early date, one of the main components of anti-Jewish hatred in Romania was commercial competition.In 1579, the sovereign of Moldavia, Petru Schiopul (Peter the Lame), ordered the banishment of the Jews on the grounds that they were ruining the merchants.

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While still in Poland they were told about the advantages offered (exemption from taxes, ground for prayer houses, ritual baths, and cemeteries).

They were invited either to reestablish war-ravaged towns (1761, Suceava) or to enlarge others (1796, Focsani).

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Table of Contents: Romania The territory of present-day Romania was known as Dacia in antiquity and Jewish tombstones dating from early times have been found there.

The hakham bashi's function was hereditary and included the right of collecting taxes on religious ceremonies and contributions from every head of a family — comprising 30,000 taxpayers altogether in the two principalities in 1803 — as well as conferring exemption from taxes and tolls.

Yet his prestige was slight, and learned rabbis were considered by the Jews as their real spiritual leaders.The Jews may have come as merchants or in other capacities with the Roman legions that garrisoned the country from 101 C. and early missionary activity in Dacia may have been due to the existence of Jewish groups there.Today, Romania boasts a Jewish population of 9,500.In the codes of 17, the Jews are scarcely mentioned.On the other hand, the first books of anti-Jewish incitement of a religious character appeared around this time: the Golden Order (Jassy, 1771) and A Challenge to Jews (Jassy, 1803).A few served as physicians and even diplomats at the court of the sovereigns of Walachia.

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