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Typical high school relationships last from four to six months, so parents need to be prepared for the end of the relationship--and the end of the world, as your teen might perceive it.

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How should parents react to this newfound independence? "In general, you want to be supportive of your child and respectful of their wishes." One of the best things that parents can do to support their child is to make a sincere attempt to meet and form a relationship with their teen's boyfriend or girlfriend. Make sure he or she knows that discussing the relationship is important.

If you invite them to family functions, you will be able to see how they interact and keep an eye on the relationship to make sure it's a healthy one. Ask your teen what qualities he or she especially likes about their dating partner, what makes that person special, and what they enjoy doing together. Finally, ask your child, "What are some rules you have set for yourself?

You may battle about some things, but make sure you maintain that good relationship." She comments on the importance of picking your battles--that parents shouldn't argue with their children about every little thing in their children's lives, because that weakens the relationship.

If you choose your battles wisely, your children will be more likely to respect your concerns about their relationships.

You remember what it was like to be in her shoes, but how do you deal with it from the other side?

However, once teens reach "dating age," parents should encourage them to date often, since our expert says adolescents who date typically have a stronger self-image and tend to be more popular and more accepted.At the end of the day, everyone has their own free will, but if you respect them and are aware of their feelings, they are far more likely to listen to you."Trusting your teen and trying to understand his or her feelings is all well and good, but what about when it comes to sexual intimacy? After all, children do have their own free will, but shouldn't parents do everything in their power to stop their children from making a monumental mistake?Surprisingly, research has shown that too much control over teens can actually increase the likelihood of sexual behavior instead of lowering it.However, the Church encourages teens to wait until they are college-aged to start dating exclusively. Hinckley said to the youth, "It is better, my friends, to date a variety of companions until you are ready to marry. Studies have shown that the longer a boy and girl date one another, the more likely they are to get into trouble" ("A Prophet's Counsel and Prayer for Youth," , Jan. It is difficult for many LDS youth to follow the counsel of Church leaders when the world (including friends) influences them to do the opposite. Parents often feel at a loss as to how to encourage their child to group date rather than become emotionally intimate with one person.Have a wonderful time, but stay away from familiarity. "Sitting down, and finding out where your [dating teen] is coming from can really help," says Coyne.Coyne suggests parents be open with their teens and explain the physical, spiritual, and emotional benefits of waiting until after marriage for sexual intimacy; this understanding of the principles behind the Church's standards can be very beneficial.

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