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Today there are how to blogs about everything else and … Hello, I've been doing some research on trucking as a prospective career. good and bad I bought my truck through Western Express in Nashville about 9 months ago and think there are a few things that everyone should know before considering … I received the ticket in my personal vehicle before I got my cdl license. Western Express Lease Purchase - Advice for Lease I wanted to write a blog about leasing trucks and the how to's of being an independent contractor. Good afternoon, My name is Jean Joseph and I am working with the Fleet Logs Hours of Service application. Seeking some basic information about being a trucker...

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I only need to use it for a couple of hours...will just be photographing and taking … Hello everyone., I'm from Maryland and I've got my class a Cdl drivers license that I took on Texas this march of 2011, the reason why Ive got this it …

on the road again....the days of the longhaul over? I had to take few years off(wife said it was my turn to stay home with kids). Will trucking companies hire someone who is 53 years old? 2 nd chance truckers listen to the un perfect trucker dont give up apply find out what kinda frieght is being hauled your area. Detroit Driver ticketed arrested for driving on suspended license.

It’s supposed to cover you whenever the price of fuel goes higher than a price cap. Catering for truckers- home cooked food good or bad?

Hi all, Does anyone here have any experience using tankwallet?

Truck detailing single mommy just seeking employment Hi im a single mother . Need help choosing a trucking company and training options I thought I would post this here also. Now, we all know that losing a hubcap can happen, but this is different. Scammed by Expediting Trucking Services (Atlanta Ga) I need some advice please. Good site Band trucking company that does not pay its drivers a cent If you were a driver for Perkins logistics and specialized transportation Llc and have been ripped off by them as many have, please join in the effort … My father, who has been a trucker his entire life, recently suffered a massive heart …

I worked in Knoxville off watt rd at the truck wash detailing business of u drivers may know me from there. I started driving for Jeaune Yarde the owner of Expediting Trucking Services in Atlanta Ga. courtesy and respect to others in the industry trucking is not like it used to be i remember when i started in 99 people still helped back then and we were still dominant in the mans world 0f trucking. DAC Report Abuse - Has anyone experienced the same things mentioned here I have recently been released by one of the largest truck training companies (White trucks, 62 mph trucks)ha ha. How is the new 'No Hand Held-Cell' rule working for you? Do you have to pull into a truck stop to make a call or check in with the office? Campaign for truckers to help bring missing Holly Bobo home Hi Everyone, Holly Bobo is a 20-year-old young woman who was abducted from outside her Darden, Tennessee home. Swift Transportation Accused of Shortpaying Truckers Hagens Berman has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all employee truck drivers against trucking company Swift Transportation. Should Body Mass Index Be Enforced In The Trucking Industry?

Aspiring Writer - Topics Include Driving and Life OTR Hi all, I'm excited to be embarking on a new career in the trucking industry as well as the driving industry. There is a house on I-80 in Wyoming that I am looking for Does anybody know where on I-80 is a house that is continually built on to? I was wondering how would truckers feel about that concept?? Will open container and speeding ticket keep me from trucking Will any company hire me with an open container ticket.

I'm starting a business to just cater for truckers.

I am a laid off factory worker and always dream of being a trucker. Apply for hazmat get a twic card railyard s container companys usually hire … Can I get a trucking job I've recently been thinking about getting my cdl in Michigan.

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