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Old friends you know who you are on both sides of the atlantic PLEASE EMAIL ME PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH, I MISS MANY OF YOU VERY VERY MUCH, I am smiling thinking about you ..;) MERRY XMAS EVERYONE 2014 IS A NEW START FOR ALL OF US, BUT OUR FRIENDSHIP NEVER CHANGES. ALL MY LOVE , ENJOY MY SITE AND MY LEGACY TO YOU THE ONE AND ONLY JOANNA THOMAS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Dear FRIENDS, I WILL BE IN NYC FROM TOMORROW 28TH MONDAY TO THE 1ST NOVEMBER FRIDAY.I’m looking for lots fun and a great time, with clients old and new.I have a lot to say, I want to write a book one day called super size she THE TRUTH , I would like to save any gals from what has become of me and to learn from me.

I hope that many of you still support me and realize what a simple town girl achieved, it took me 9 years before I competed in the 2001 ms Olympia and to date in the past decade am the 2nd best bodybuilder to come from website contains my heart and soul of this project with a lot of fun, this site is huge as I have done more photo shoots and video shoots than I can count without photo shop!

so I am sure there is something for everyone here to enjoy, just make sure you wear a sock …… I must focus on the longer term it’s just a fact of my life as I turn 37.

my whole point to this blog to night is for anyone out there to try to understand a day in my shoes, I’m a good gal I feed the homeless, i feed the ducks Christ i try to help anyone if I can and I always believed in karma.

The reason I am thinking to go home is due to my health, i’ts not something I try to talk too much about but I have problems with my health due to the bodybuilding lifestyle I began at such a young age, I’m the youngest to ever turn pro in the world in the history of this whole sport ( in the cat of women’s body building) I was just turning 21, I began lifting heavy at 15 yrs old, and taking special suppliment’s at 19 yrs old, it did not seem a choice for me at that time it was just part of it and so i did what it took like everyone else did but not until I was in 2004 did I venture deeper into the abiss.

I once had a client whom lost 100lbs with one night 😉 All jokes aside, while I’m in the U K I am here I can motivate you, train you, help you with your goals from bodybuilding to figure to a post birth mother, people in wheelchairs.doesn’t matter who you are what’s important is to strive for the best you can be and to breathe life into your soul through your dreams. It’s Christmas so please enjoy it, see your family , eat what you like , do what you like, but come the new year, if your thinking here I am again, I can’t stand what I see in my mirror to I can’t fit in my jeans to I WANT TO WIN MY PRO CARD I can help you.

I will leave you my email and skype info for today, I will be getting a better phone so I can chat with people better, plus I do not want to give a new number out for personal training as it s not a session number, I’m happy to meet you , any fan / friend for dinner etc but not sessions for now, my brain is just in a new place.i believed in bodybuilding all my life, I hope you can believe in me. BTW 😉 JOANNA THOMAS XXXX I just went out to go get a bite to eat and to train and tan, while eating a lady from the Uk says oh u have a mans voice, so I tried to make a joke and she repeats oh darling I am straight when I talk and u have a mans voice….i told her if I did not just have a green card I would have smashed her face in….PLZ CALL 9, I DONT LIKE EMAILS TALKING IS SO MUCH MORE INTIMATE 😉 you are not obligated to see me but serious clients only plz no games, this tour means a great deal to me and i want it to run smooth with fun lust and laughter 😉 I hope you will give me that chance. I told her she couldn’t hold her drink and how dare she be so rude?(Click Read More below for direct access to She Muscle Have you seen Lisa yet on She Muscle Live? You can chat with Vicki live on She Muscle Raw I was born in Memphis, Tn. At a competitive weight of around 140lbs, with a 38” chest, 15” biceps and 23” quads, Ruthie as you can see has a great physique.Lisa is a South African dream and one of the most popular and provocative woman on She Muscle Live. A few more photos […] “Live, interactive webcams from the bedrooms of our sexy muscle girls flexing and posing in bikinis…nothing at all.” The first five weeks of She Muscle Live web cams have been exciting.🙂 Now I’m a bit shy but she put me at ease immediately. She will put you at ease and help you enjoy yourself…if you know what I mean! ” Thats from a client Ive met 3 times, and we click, if you click with someone then its the best time.

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