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Skout’s efforts were comparable to those of other companies that promote teen safety.

If so, then law enforcement, social-media entrepreneurs, and parents all may need to think about ways to discourage such business models.

Skout’s Teen App Skout offers a mobile app and social-media platform that allows people to meet up.

Three adult men have been accused of raping children whom they met using the Skout app, according to .

In one case, a 24-year-old man allegedly raped a 12-year-old California girl.

At that time, Skout took measures to protect teens who were using its app: Its GPS locator never revealed a user’s specific coordinates—just general location information, and according to Wiklund, a quarter of the company’s 75-member staff monitored the teen Skout community for illicit behavior.

Moreover, a software program called “the creepinator” monitored the teen Skout community for nude photos and explicit or sexual chats.

And that very difference may be one of the main reasons that Skout could attract predators.

Other Interactive Kids’ Sites and How They Work Of course, interactive kids’ sites have existed for quite some time.

While such sites need to exercise vigilance—as Skout apparently did—they may also need to cooperate more actively with law enforcement in order to prevent such activity from occurring.

In the end, it may be the case that teen sites that are focused explicitly on dating and sexual relations will continually be magnets for illegal and predatory behavior by adults.

And more generally, a site focused on animated games for young users—is not the place where users will stray into discussions of sexual or romantic activity.

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