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It combines all the agencies onto one platform and lets freelancers sign up.

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Follow the sexual exploits of our foreigh sex traveller as he bangs his way through the hottest Filipina pussy in this tell all video blog.

Some of the hottest Philippine Porn you will see is inside the site, with detailed day to day descriptions of what he banged, how he banged it, and how much it cost.

A gogo is like a strip club, with poles, naked or near-naked dancing, lap dances, lady drinks, etc.

The girls have numbers, tell the staff which number you want and she’ll come to your table once her time to dance is over.

A few metres around the corner to the left is Lolitas, another blowjob bar. Girls working in BJ bars don’t tend to be very pretty but they have some legit skills. This is also a cheap and easy option, just walk up to a freelance prostitute on the street, say hi and off you go to your hotel.

Almost all Bangkok hotels are girl friendly or you can get an Airbnb condo. Walk down Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Soi Nana) at night and you’ll see the Nana Hotel sign to your right, with girls standing in around in front of the car park. There are freelancers all up and down this street, but mostly they line up there.Hopefully over time more and more of these Gogo girls will sign up to Smooci.It could be game changer for the Bangkok red light scene if the app (when it comes out) really takes off – no barfines, the ability to search 100s of girls, make instant bookings, and GPS track them just like booking an Uber.A soapy massage place is a large brothel where you can’t just get a massage even if you wanted to, you have to get full sex.Girls tend to be hotter but more expensive, and it includes a hot tub bath with the girls.If you’re a single guy in Bangkok and want to have a good time with some Thai girls, here are 9 easy ways you can bust a nut and where to find them.

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