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“Convent”, my young nephew asked, “did the nuns from church make it, uncle”? I didn’t have my glasses with me so I just smiled politely at the bottle and back at Timmy and so he continued.

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In those days a case of 24 bottles of most varieties of “sweet water” was a shocking 83 cents.

That’s for the the entire case of 24 six ounce bottles or the heftier seven ounce thick glass bottles.

Other features are particular to the Welcome Center.

An iron bonfire marks the way is the first thing offered to tourists as they enter.

If you are new to the area or a resident, stop by the Welcome Center in Gramercy. WHAT’S IN A BOTTLE My Momma used to say, “Boy you better be drinking Kool-Aid and stay away from those pops!

” She said Soda Pop was expensive and not just to be gulped down.Originally located in Convent, the building was moved to land donated by Kaiser Aluminum.The Welcome Center is the official point to meet and greet visitors to our scenic, historic parish.They merged into one under the ownership of one, Mister Joseph. On the West Bank Soda Pop operations were serviced from the Saint James Ice and Bottling Company LTD.It was located next to the railroad tracks in Vacherie on Vacherie road in the vicinity of the once Vacherie Oil Company.The bottles were typically delivered in a wooden crate.

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