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I am sure you were wondering about my burger intake, even without a definite aim towards a certain consumption level. I figure that I shouldn’t include reheated frozen patties at home in the count, because that’s too sad desk lunch.

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Cath’s points really resonated with me – about participating in blogjune through discovery, rather than post-post-post.

What should be at the centre: balance, understanding, and self-care.

I can still remember when Pooh Bear Corner felt like a secret punctuation in a journey, a chance to see a story come to life. I wish there was a way to summarise dating and tattoo shows, Adam zkt Eva, Dinner Dates and Come Dine With Me.

For families who now travel past it without stopping (even if they wish otherwise), there is still time for the Corner to regain that mystery-filled state of fairytale joy and magic on the mountainside. To play: Shape games like Tetris, Pokemon Shuffle, and especially Hexic. I’d like to pay more attention to Read Watch Play each month to more easily adhere to the themes! Food: Jelly, flummery, pumpkin, goji berries, persimmon, pistachios, licorice, tiramisu, Florentines, marshmallows, tapioca…

Last year was such a laidback approach that I didn’t reflect on this until that August…!

We holidayed in Adelaide earlier this month (despite it not making an appearance in my sparse blogjune posts), and while there, I discovered that my mother-in-law knew some corkers of sayings.

She was shocked that her sayings aren’t well-known, but then reasoned that many were handed down from her father, born in 1889 (seriously). As you can see, there was only a small amount of blue at Hallett’s Cove when we visited.

Apparently the “s” in Hallett’s was dropped off some time ago.

I’m self-assessing as a polkadot C for blogjune 2016 (I like John’s description of blogjune as “spotty”).

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