Makeshia lucien and corbin bleu dating nick simmons dating rose

Corbin did that and had an instant weight loss kinda thing.

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Bleu’s personal trainer is Chad Landers, who is also the owner of Push Private Fitness situated in North Hollywood. By working with Chad, Bleu was able to drop his weight from 170 pounds to 156 pounds.

For his appearance on Dancing With The Stars, Bleu wanted to look more lean and so he took the help of bath – a bath in which three to four bags of Epson salt is dissolved in hot water.

On May 1 2007, Corbin released his debut album Another Side under Hollywood Records.

The album consists of 12 singles, which makes up to 39 minutes.

It was able to sell more than 120,000 copies in the world. Corbin debuted with 1998 American science fiction action film Soldier for his role as Johnny.

In 1996, he had recurring roles in the ABC’s police drama series High Incident.High School Musical 2 was released on August 17, The premiere was seen by a total of over The show offered viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the production of the movie.Directed by Paul Hoen , the television movie revolved around a young boy named Izzy Daniels who trains regularly in order to try to follow in his fathers footsteps and win the Golden Glove, an amateur boxing tournament.The Concert in Although popular with its young audience, the success of Flight 29 Down pales in comparison to Bleu's next television project the Disney Channel original films High School Musical The youngest of the six lead actors who were catapulted to fame by the film, Bleu portrayed the basketball player Chad Danforth , who tries to persuade his teammate Troy Bolton Zac Efron to give up his interest in theater and focus on winning the basketball championship.High School Musical premiered on January 20, ; with an audience of 7.On May 1, 2007, Corbin released his debut album Another Side under Hollywood Records.

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